A Year in the Garden


photo of snow on pond

The pond maintains an ice gap

through water movement,

and a tennis ball turning slowly,

towards the Solstice




An eerily warm November.

But the leaves colour and fall

saying, Yes it is autumn





Photo of orange tree


Not-so-hardy trees

brought inside for protection.

Now the perfume of orange blossom

fills the greenhouse.



photo of sunflower

Sunflowers planted late

catch up with the season,

heavy with seeding

they struggle to track the sun.



photo of irises

A new bed extracted from the parched lawn where irises,

thinned out and moved from a shady corner, can sunbathe.

Next spring some flowers perhaps.




photo of goosberries

Glistening bounty

hides from the blackbirds,

for now.




photo of peony

A peony called peace

as easily buffeted as peace in the world

but for a moment held in beauty.




Past the night of a dark moon

sumptuous apple blossom swept away by wind,

now blue rules the garden for a time




photo of pulsatillaColour springs forth,

it braves the wind

and sets the world abuzzing.




photo of primroses

Some come unbidden,

we relish their beauty

and their agency


Others we help,

photo of seed trays

so much promise,

so much hope.





photo of yellow helleboresHellebores continue their gentle welcome

to both low angled sun

and occasional frost.




photo of hellebore

Frost sparkled grass and dormant seeds

then snowdrops followed by hellebores

pushing through a dressing of compost and fallen leaves

burnished by winter sun and icy winds.